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Morality and filial piety are at the forefront, each person is born and matured thanks to the upbringing of fathers and mothers. When growing up, each person always wants to have more time and conditions to take care of their parents in the best way, repaying the grace of heaven and the sea. But sometimes in life, there are always moments of worry and fatigue because of daily living work, surely one of them has thought and asked the question how to keep parents happy and healthy right away. even when children are busy with life. Today, the rapid development of society and the rapid pace of urbanization and modernization have significantly changed the thinking about filial piety and how to take care of parents.
With a human-centered philosophy, Tuan Minh Group always focuses on the spiritual life of the elderly, pioneering the development of Tu Tam S-Merciful Nursing Home according to the 5-star model first appearing in Vietnam. Male. It is expected that Tuan Minh Group will put into operation 30 facilities stretching from North to South, with a total investment of up to 150 million USD.
Applying the nursing model of European developed countries, the difference of Tu Tam S-Merciful Nursing Home system is the innovative approach and trust-building approach to the elderly and relatives segment. of cutomer. That is reflected in a comfortable living environment like a 5-star resort but ensuring green space, the most modern medical equipment, a team of experienced doctors, nurses, and aides. Tu Tam S-Merciful is like a gift of complete health that Tuan Minh Group wants to give to parents who give birth, live with health experts, and win all diseases of old age with peace of mind.
We understand that, not only young and old people also need friends, the joy of “afternoon” is not only around children and grandchildren, at Tu Tam S-Merciful, elderly people can not only live the way they want. but also maximize their hobbies and forte through activities, clubs… Especially, Tu Tam S-Merciful Nursing Home believes that, with sincere love and dedicated care of the team With a team of experts, this place will be a peaceful place worth living for the elderly Vietnamese.
With the mission of giving the elderly a warm and loving second home, a fresh and happy living space, Tu Tam S-Merciful always strives every day to become the daily choice of the elderly. head of the elderly in Vietnam.


Only in the past few decades, the process of rapid urbanization, the stormy development of the socio-economy and the open integration door have significantly affected the Vietnamese people’s outlook on life.
In addition, with the fastest population aging rate in the world, Vietnam is facing a big problem about the welfare system for the elderly, not only in terms of facilities but also the traditional concept that has eaten away. deep into people’s minds.
“Children depend on father, old depend on children” is still relevant in modern society, when nuclear family is crowned, each child has his own life and parents also want to enjoy life. enjoy the old years?
In that context, Tu Tam S-Merciful Nursing Home was born with the mission of establishing a completely new nursing model in Vietnam: “The 5-star nursing home system”. Based on two main standards of 5-star resort and comprehensive medical care with selected elites from developed countries, Tu Tam S-Merciful Nursing Home fully converges factors: facilities modern and luxurious quality; high-class utility chain and a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and nurses.
Tu Tam S-Merciful Nursing Home not only solves the problem of lack of welfare facilities for the elderly in our country, but also pioneers in developing high-class nursing services that perfectly suit the characteristics of the elderly. Vietnam.
Believe that, Tu Tam S-Merciful Nursing Home will be a perfect gift of gratitude for the old men and women who have devoted their lives to taking care of their children and contributing to society.


S Merciful aims to become the leading high-end nursing home system in Vietnam, constantly innovating and creating to create high-class products and services, contributing to improving people’s quality of life.


Bringing a better and more convenient life for the elderly.


Reliability: Committed to doing the best for the elderly, customers, bringing high reliability.
Perfect: Towards the highest quality of service and the best care process.
Responsibility: Take the highest responsibility to the elderly and their relatives for medical ethics, skills, knowledge and professional standards.
Creativity: Constantly creating and innovating to bring the best solutions for the elderly and customers.




The management of S Merciful prides itself on providing highly professional care to the elderly who need care in accordance with Health and Social regulations. We are pleased to accept long-term, short-term and resort service users.


With over 300 rooms, all rooms are connected to a call-in system for the benefit and safety of service users. Beds have lockers to keep valuables and personal items safe


S Merciful is focused on providing service users with a safe, healthy and comfortable environment that is paramount. Caregivers strive to preserve and uphold the dignity, individuality and privacy of all service users.


S Merciful’s in-house chefs prepare meals daily from a varied and nutritious menu. All of our food is cooked in the kitchen using fresh local and imported ingredients. We tailor our menus to accommodate all special dietary requirements and allergens. The kitchen equipment at S Merciful fully complies with the standards of the Ministry of Health. The chef is the person responsible for the kitchen facility.


A quality monitoring system is established to ensure that all services and procedures are closely monitored and continuously improved as needed. Attention to the smallest detail is at the heart of everything we do at SMerciful.


Full laundry service is available at S Merciful and is included in the general service fee. All personal clothing should be clearly labeled.


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